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Cole's Artwork Raven artwork
by Cole Sonafrank

All images © Copyright Cole Sonafrank 1990-99


The Raven with aurora and sunset, 16"x20", an original design, 1997

The above view is lit from the front showing iridescence of the baroque glass. With any lighting from the back, this effect is diminished and the raven becomes shades of dark grey. Here's a JPG (smaller file size) version of the same image.

I made this piece as a gift for John and Jan Lahr when they moved away from Fairbanks, Alaska. Ravens are common here, being one of the most noticeably active birds throughout our harsh winters. Their black raucousness is a stark and welcome contrast to the silent surrounding whiteness. Here's where it's hanging now.

raven6b.jpg A back-lit view showing the black baroque glass which isn't really green, but grey and clear in the light sections.

raven7b.jpg Mostly front-lit view without iridescence

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